Team time tracking made pleasant

Effortlessly track your team's work hours, add all your members, and get a lot of work done.

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Easy to use

We've prioritized UI/UX for this product to provide you with easy and smooth experience.

Intuitive Analytics

We include the essential analytics of managing a team and tracking their hours.

Essential features

We cut off all the non-essential features and have prioritized only the important ones.


Experience the product yourself and pay a minimal fee to continue using it.

HourTag focuses on simplicity, and strives for your team's pleasant experience. For both employees and managers, we provide all essential features.

Stay informed

Easily see who's online and their work progress.

Review team's shift

Gain complete overview of what your team has been working on and for how long.

Measure progress

Track the progress of your progress.

Easy clock-in

1-step clock in, clock out.

Set target hours

See your progress by setting target hours. Meet your targets.

Request Time offs

Whether it is paid or unpaid, ask easily from your dashboard.

HourTag is a joy to use. It's so minimal and nice.

Product designer, a user of HourTag

No credit card
Free for 30 days